Kingman Park Football, The Redux

I got to spend some more time with the Green Machines. At their championship game, in fact.

I have to say: I don’t know anything about football. I had no brothers, and I’ve quit every sport I have ever tried. But even I can tell there is something special about this team.


They are a great team.


But part of what is so great about them, or maybe what makes them able to be so great, is their fan club.

harlan_kbgc_championship1129_129-1harlan_kbgc_championship1129_36This rowdy, sign-wielding, mask-wearing, pompon shaking crowd of supporters.

harlan_kbgc_championship1129_62 And of course the ones cheering them on. They are great too.

harlan_kbgc_championship1129_152And it makes me proud to say that this team, The Green Machines, are now the champions.

harlan_kbgc_championship1129_113And it makes me even prouder to say that they didn’t win the first game I attended. They struggled. But they have grit. Which, if you’ve been watching TED talks lately, you’d know is the number one predictor of success.

I’m glad to have witnessed their victory.

But I’m especially glad to see a group of people working together, rooting for each other, and  putting passion in the struggle, even when they aren’t the ones who win the first time.



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